Difference between Dermatologist and Aesthetic Doctors

Dermatologist and Aesthetic Doctors

Dermatologists and aesthetic doctors both are skin care professionals you can consult about how to care for your skin. They both treat very similar medical conditions and are important for making people feel healthy and attractive. Many people consider them both to be same, but they differ from each other.

A dermatologist is a medical professional who diagnosis and then provides treatment for the diseases or conditions of the skin, hair and nails. A dermatologist has completed 4 years of undergraduate work, 3 years of medical school and 1-2 years of residency and internship at a medical facility. They must have also received additional specialised training and education. Dermatologists practice out of medical offices or medical spas.

On the other hand, an aesthetic doctor is a beauty expert who takes cares of the people’s hair, skin and nails.  Aestheticians typically take a one to two-year course that focuses on skin care, facials and non-invasive procedures such as skin rejuvenation and hair removal on IPL machines. Aestheticians can be found in spas and salons as well as work under the direction of dermatologists under medical settings.

Here are some more differences between the two.

  • An aesthetic doctor spends more time with you than a dermatologist

If you have scheduled a skin treatment such as photo facial, the time spent with your aesthetician will usually be 70 to 90 minutes. In comparison to this, the actual face time with a dermatologist is anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Time is on your side with an aesthetician to share the full history of your skin and your concerns which allows them to piece together your skin puzzle. This ensures that you will get desired results for your skin.

  • A dermatologist prescribes topical or oral medication

There are certain skin conditions such as chronic rosacea, skin allergies, severe acne and rashes that are best treated with medication which only a dermatologist can prescribe.  On the other hand, aesthetician can’t prescribe medication but can offer treatments that will help cure your skin condition as there are various new technologies that have emerged helping them offer such treatments.

  • Aesthetician will be more knowledgeable about your skincare routine

A dermatologist is trained in treating diseases of the skin but when it comes to which skin care products are best, what the patient’s skin care routine should look like and when to change up their products, the aesthetician knows it better. For an aesthetician, skin care products are the prescriptions and they are familiar with the skin ingredients, which products are best to use and when and how to enhance your skin at home day in and day out.

The dermatologists and aesthetic surgeons are different from each other. They both may be focusing on the same entities but with different aspects. A dermatologist is a doctor dealing with the diseases or disorders of the skin and provides the treatment for the same, while an aesthetic doctor is a beauty expert who is more concerned with the art of beautifying the body.