About Us

What is the first thing that you expect when you visit a website dedicated exclusively to health and its various aspects? Is it a lot of complex medical terms and the latest technological and scientific research and innovations from the medical world? Yes, that is usually the set-up of a health website but our blog spot is different. Though exclusively related to the health niche, we have gone out of our way to ensure that the common man finds our site extremely interesting and informative.

While we do touch on the giant strides made in the medical world, our focus is to make sure that the basics of this field and its complexities are broken down into terms that most visitors would understand easily and can relate to in their everyday lives. You will get blogs on the harmful effects of air pollution, tips on how to contribute your mite to preserve the environment and how to make simple homemade remedies that can help avert major illnesses as well. On our site you will also learn about the top advances made in medical equipment and the latest treatments in cosmetic surgery or laser treatments.

Health is an almost limitless subject and it is our endeavour to bring you as many sides to it as we can. You will find news, information and even trivia from the health sector that will be of immense help0 to you.

However, we understand that with a subject of this magnitude to deal with, we need external help. This is because we feel that even with our team researching round the clock, doing full justice to this topic might well be beyond us. Hence, we request professional bloggers on health and others with an in-depth knowledge on this subject to write-in to us and contribute blogs, articles and snippets to our site. There are no limitations on the topics that can be chosen so long as it is related to the niche of health.

Our only stipulation is that all blogs submitted to us should be exclusive and unique and not have been published before. Infographics and images to back up text are also welcome. We will inform contributors by email once the write-ups are published on our site.